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About The Exam 

PCM Scholarship Examination provides an arena where students can compete in testing their knowledge in various subjects. They can utilise their talents, sharpen their memory, and increase their vocabulary. It can doubtlessly strengthen their self-confidence to face any competitive examinations in future.

1. The Pattern of the Examinations: 

Classes I - VII - Written test having a duration of 90 minutes.

There will be Preliminary and Final Examinations for Classes I - VII. The students securing the top five positions in the Preliminary Examination, in each class will be selected for the Final examination. A candidate who scores below 60% marks will not be selected for the Final Examination even if he or she falls under the top five posi­tions.

 The students who score 80% and above marks in Classes I - IV and 70% and above marks in Classes V to VII in the Preliminary Examination will be selected for the Final Examination even if they do not fall in the top five positions.

Pre-Primary - LKG - ORAL and Activity oriented test. / UKG - Written test.

There will be no preliminary examination for the pre-primary classes. All the registered candidates will appear for the Final Examination. In LKG class the test will be ORAL and Activity oriented and in UKG the test will be identification and colouring of pictures, answering oral questions based on the syllabus.

II. The Schedule of the Examinations:

Classes I - VII
Preliminary Examination : August 14, 2013 (Wednesday) 10.30 am - 12 noon
Final Examination : October 26, 2013 (Saturday) 10.30 am - 12 noon
Pre-Primary (LKG & UKG)
Final Examination : October 26, 2013 (Saturday), 10.30 am - 12 noon
Declaration of results : January 18, 2014 (Saturday)
Last date of submission of entry format: July 17, 2013 (Wednesday)

III. Eligibility:

English Medium schools functioning in any State or Union Territory of India or abroad following the syllabus of any Board of Examination in India are eligible to enrol their students in LKG, UKG and Classes 1-7 for this examination. There will be separate examination for each class. Enrolment of candidates less than 10 numbers from pre-primary and less than 10 numbers from classes 1-7 from a school will not be accepted.

IV. Syllabus:

The syllabus for the Examination comprises general knowledge, various subjects, aptitude tests and language skills. It is prepared keeping in view of the learning level of students in each class. Copies of the syllabus will be sent to the participating schools for free distribution among the participants.

V. Fees:

Examination fee is Rs. 90/-per candidate. Out of this Rs. 12/- per candidate may be kept by the school for meeting their expenses. The balance Rs. 78/- per candidate should be sent by a crossed a/c payee Bank Draft payable at Ernakulam in favour of PCM Council along with the entry format or shall be remitted in cash at PCM Council Office along with the entry format.

Those who apply online should send the account payee bank draft in favour of PCM Council along with the Registration page obtained from the website.

VI. Awards and Scholarships:

Gold Medal, Scholarship amount of Rs. 1501/- & Merit Certificate -1st position

Silver Medal, Scholarship amount of Rs 1001/- & Merit Certificate -2nd position

Bronze Medal, Scholarship amount of Rs 701/- & Merit Certificate -3rd position

Medals and Scholarship amount of Rs. 200/- & Merit Certificate -4th & 5th positions

Medals and Scholarship amount of Rs. 150/-& Merit Certificates will be given to those candidates who score 90% and above marks in LKG and UKG, 80% and above marks in Classes I - IV and 70% marks and above in Classes V - VII. Those candidates who score marks above 60% will be given Certificates.

The schools which produce excellent results will be honoured with trophies and mementos.

Best School Award : for the school securing the highest point

Topper School Awards : for those schools having students performing commendably.

Mementos : for those schools having students securing Gold medals.

VII. The last date and the procedures to enrol the candidates:

Schools can apply online at www. curriculumindia.com (guidelines enclosed)

Those who want to apply direct can use the two forms enclosed – Form No. 1 and Form No. 2. Enter the class wise total of the candidates appearing for the examinations,and the School Code correctly in the relevant columns. Enter the names of the candidates in Form No.2. The names should either be typewritten or handwrit­ten legibly in capital letters.

Please ensure that the names and initials of the candidates are entered correctly.

Please send both the forms duly filled in and duly signed and stamped by the head of the school, along with the required fees so as to reach the PCM Office on or before July 17, 2013

VIII. Examination Centres:

There will be Examination Centres in all major towns and cities in India and abroad. Centres are selected considering the convenience of the schools.

The schools are requested to give permission to PCM Council to use their premises as examination centres and also to avail the services of their teachers as Invigilators/Examiners at the neighbouring centres, if required. These teachers will be given an honorarium for their services.

IX. Results and Presentation of Awards:

The results of the examination will be published on January 18, 2014. Visit our website www.curriculumindia.com for the results.

A special function will be held to honour and award medals and distribute scholarships to students who secure the first three positions from each class and also to present trophies and mementos to the schools for excellent results and commendable performances.

The scholarships and the certificates awarded to the other candidates will be sent to the schools.

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